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In light of COVID-19, we are offering our esteemed clients a discount on recruitment services and remote-team working management support. For more information, please send us an email on

Our Approach

We assist clients who are looking at both long term strategic hiring as well as those who require a short-term solution. Our overall objective is to help you lower your total costs of hiring, while significantly improving your quality of hires and help you steal a match on your competitors.

You obtain feedback from the talent market on your employer brand

Get to understand the  real perception potential  employees have about you as an employer

Enables you to identify  who to hire now and who you might want to revisit at a later date

Flexible  on-demand service

The Process

  • We begin by mapping out your competition and where the most sought-after talent is located

  • We paint a picture of the talent market (e.g. remuneration, company perception, global trends, golden handcuffs)

  • Kipawa then identifies and profiles the very best available candidates

  • We present your company’s  value proposition in  the most optimal way, gaining interest and commitment from the candidate during the process

  • Once you have identified your ideal candidate, Kipawa will support you through the process up to contract signing

Our Services

Kipawa understands that your team is the backbone of your business and we take the time to fully understand your hiring needs. By fostering lasting relationships with the owners, hiring managers and the HR team we become a valuable addition to your talent brand. We ensure a seamless candidate and client experience throughout the hiring process. Depending on your hiring roadmap for the year we have a range of solutions that can be tailored to your business.

Recruitment Services

Kipawa can offer tailored reporting and insights into the entire Kenyan talent market, enabling you to hire the best talent before your competitors do

Remote Team Working Management Tools

We provide companies with management advice and support to supervise remote teams successfully through various software tools. We support software installation and great onboarding for the team.

Remuneration Surveys

We conduct remuneration surveys where we research compensation packages in the market and provide you with comparative data to understand how competitive you are in the market

Psychometric Tests

We use various tools to conduct psychometric tests

Payroll and Personnel Management Services

We provide payroll and personnel  management services for companies that would like to  outsource these services

Expatriate Support Services

Kipawa offers executive Support Services to Expatriates working in Kenya. We will provide you with answers to all of your questions relating to being an expat working in Kenya


Yusuf Reja

Yusuf Reja

Founder & Director

I am the founder of Kipawa which is a HR services provider based in Nairobi. I studied Electrical Engineering in the United States at the University of California Santa Barbara. My journey in the career development field began when I established Ethiojobs over 15 years ago; Ethiopia’s first local human resources consulting firm focused on recruitment services capacity building, training programs and HR consulting. Over the years, I have gained an unparalleled knowledge of the African job market and the challenges facing employers and job seekers in Africa. Through both Kipawa and Ethiojobs, we provide HR advisory services to many national and international organizations throughout Africa!

Melody Roth - Ng’eno

Melody Roth - Ng’eno

Country Manager

I am a Canadian/Kenyan excited about the startup space in Kenya. There is great talent and spirit in our candidates and there are many opportunities available to change and shape the future of Kenya. My goal as the Country Manager at Kipawa is to empower my team to be the best that they can be, to work on growing the skillsets in our community and to help people find their dream jobs. I have an undergrad in Political Science, and an MBA. I love to work hard, play hard, travel, eat good food and squeeze in some time for good workout or yoga.

Rose Mwende

Rose Mwende

Head of Growth

I am excited about exploring growth opportunities within a company as well as between companies. At Kipawa, my role involves connecting with companies that are looking for talent ensuring that their needs are met while tracking how our company is growing. I love to connect with people, learn what’s happening in the market and explore possible synergies. I studied Computer Science which fuels my passion for digital transformation. When I’m not working, I am reading, cooking, traveling or having a good laugh with friends!

David Chege

David Chege

Head of Recruitment

I am in-charge of the Internal Search Practice at Kipawa. My focus is on executive and senior level placements in commercial and operational management. I have had experience working with high growth startups and social enterprises in the region. Besides recruitment, I am a walking encyclopedia, puzzle lover and I’m fond of debating over just about every topic you can name. I graduated from Nairobi University with an honors degree in Law and the United States international University with a bachelor’s degree in International Relations.

Lynn Makenzi

Lynn Makenzi

HR Business Partner

Conversant with full-cycle recruiting, I’ve come to understand that people hire people and not resumes. My aim is to ensure we match the right candidate with the right company, all the while creating a pleasant experience for the candidates. I have an undergrad in Communication and Media Studies and an MBA in International Business. I am extroverted and I always got a smile on my face especially after I eat some chicken!

Perpetua Mwangi

Perpetua Mwangi


In this era of millennials an accountant can no longer be the worm behind the blue screen crunching on numbers and reports. I choose to be technically efficient, implement the principles of commerciality over form, and cultivate a network of people. I enjoy working with SMEs and Startups as I facilitate decision making on cost reduction and sustainability. My focus is on the importance and value of strategy in any business while keeping in mind best practices on administration and human resources. I have an honors degree in Commerce.

Salome Njeri

Salome Njeri

Office Assistant

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