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Why remote working will prove to be difficult in Africa ?

  COVID-19 has forced the world to adapt to the concept of “working from home” or “remote working”. This is our new reality globally. However, in Africa, a small minority of jobs are desk jobs that can easily be transitioned into remote working. What challenges do companies need to anticipate and what solutions do they […]

Best Tools For Working Remotely

In a very short period of time working from home became a reality for many businesses. How do we remain organized and make sure no-one is missing important information? How do we keep track of everyone’s tasks and achievements? Good news; with the right tools and software, working from home can be a great benefit […]

How To Turn Regular Teams Into Efficient Remote Teams

“Be the chess player, not the chess piece”- Ralph Charell Companies which will survive the COVID-19 crisis will be those that are resilient and innovative enough to convert regular teams into effective remote teams. For your meetings to be productive and effective during this period of social distancing and working remotely, we gathered the best […]

Feeling Overwhelmed Working From Home? Let’s Be Stronger Together

“Remote work isn’t the future of work, it’s the present.” – Owl Labs Have you ever pictured yourself working from home without having to go into an office at a prescribed time? By now, your organization has probably given this recommendation following the declaration of the Covid-19 pandemic by WHO. Whereas for many this new […]